Welcome to Noisevault Studio's new website. We are currently working to update it. Please pardon us as we rearrange things a bit.

In the meantime let us introduce ourselves:

Who we are: James and Lauri Johnson

What we do: We record your music.  From songwriters, to large groups.  And we do it with all our heart.

Where we are: Dallas TX.  Contact us for more info.

What we use: Toft, SSL, Neumann, Neve, Hand Made Seventh Circle Preamps, Drum Workshop, Hammond, Mojotone, Aphex, Sytek, Millenia, Apex, AKG, Oktava, Audio Technica, Sony, Alesis, Yamaha, etc.

What we cost: $75/hr.  We also offer block rate discounts for larger projects. Contact us for details.

Clients: The Transcenders, Ty Thomas, Bunni Pounds, Deryl Dodd,  Reunion Church, Jerod Starkey, Patrick Thomas, Rick Pino, SoZo, The Axis, Skillman Bible Church, The One Hit Wonderfuls, A Second to Last, Adam Carpenter, Andrew Key, Annie Benjamin, Atomic Bums, Blu12, Brad Barnes, Cooperwound, Brian Hughes and the Jamboree, Brookhaven Community College, Burning Books, Caitlyn Rae, Cakewalk Music Systems (Roland), Chris Rivers, Christchurch Plano, Cory Wall, Cory West, Crazy Buffalo, Jodi Roberts, Criminal Shift, Dallas Guitar Show, Dalyssia Carter, Darren Furr, Anden, David Fazio, Hack Reality, David Tijerina, Debbie Martin, Dianne Mezger, Billy Grammer, Elaine Garnder-Moralis, Elizabeth Johnson, Miss Houston Pagent, Erin Tatum, Fire Rain Ministries, Gama Records, Gary Thornton, Gillterhorn, Glycerin Records,  Government Work, Grady Yates, Heavy for the Masses, Ignes Noctem, Michael Leyde, Jacob Decker, Jerod Decker, Jamon, Jason Jacobe, J Catylist, Javier Garcia, Jenny Spalding, Jetta Morris, Jodi Roberts, Jon Christopher Davis, K Wylie Publications, Marcus Band, Cortejo Funebre, Kristin Keating, Lendy Kurth, Lisa Turik, Lyles West, Matt Perry, Matt Masterton, Melba Stevens, Michael Terryll, Miguel Cortez, Mike Camerata, Mikey Cunningham, Mojo Music, Nicholson Entertainment, Nicholl Nordeman, Noah Caveny, Noah Lothian, Norita, Pamela Neubauer, Paul Edwards, Phyllis Farr, Rebecca Moreland, Scott Roark, Scott Whittiker, Sean Beavers, Truck Stop Junkies, Marfalights Shane Facionello, Solitaire Music Group, Southern Karma, Southlake Blvd Church, Status 850, Starpoint LLC, Stephanie Turney, Stephen Boudreau, Stephen Turney, Tamitha Hurst, Tinecia Yeboah, Terrence Beaudreau, Tim Wackel, Toy Britton, Notti Brasco, Veronica Clayton ... ... links to come.