Wing vs 480L

The best way to do this test would be to borrow or rent a 480L. But I am too cheap for that.

So instead I will take some good quality impulse responses from the unit and see how close I can come. I will present files that are 100% wet, and obviously exaggerated as we are not trying to mix this reverb, but hear it in it’s full and naked detail. I worked hard to match the overall character, but nothing is perfect. And I tried to eliminate any large discrepancies in RMS of the final files. I intended to do these at 48k, but I suppose I had my system set to 44.1 for some reason. C’est la vie!

Plate Algorithm:

Not the exact settings… but close to where I ended up.
Here is a little drum loop I used to test this effect. (I think this is different section than the below… but same recording…
Here is the plate through a 480L impulse.
And the Wing’s algorithm.

I feel like this ended up a pretty good match! The 480L IR renders a slightly chunkier front end, with more emphasis on the impulse itself. And the Lexi IR seems to have a little buildup around 800hz that I do not hear in the Wing. But overall these examples are certainly in the same ball park, section, and probably even row.

Hall Algorithm

Also not where the sliders were. I am always using zero pre-delay for these, of course.
Amazing voice over talent! The raw file we are going to drown in verb.
This from the 480L IR
And here is the Wing set to sound similar

This one did not come quite as close but still I find them to be a pretty decent match. When you take these down to 20% or so they really give the same basic vibe.

Come back in the next couple days for the “Ambience” and “Room” shootouts!